Dear LinkedIn

I Can’t believe you keep sending me this same message every week.
Why not send it every day ?
I’m referring, of course, to the “Hans, see who you already know on linkedin” – mail.
(FYI) I am not going to import data from one social media to another, at least not voluntarily.
Maybe you could find a way to make it obligatory like facebook does with the messenger.
(They will say: “No, it’s not obligatory at all, it only is when you want to use the messenger on your mobile” ….yep.) and with whatsapp. (Just synchronize them)
Maybe you should check the age before you send this kind of mail, maybe people below 30 are less concerned with their privacy. And since I’m way over 40, it’s not going to happen. But probably it’s not even an age-thing.
Tip: Buy Facebook/Whatsapp, then you can just synchronize all data.

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